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Rules & Regulations

  • The Rules and Regulations so described will be imposed on all the candidates in the campus.
  • The fees are required to be submitted as per the predefined fee schedule.
  • Candidate should ask for the valid receipt for every payment mode.
  • Student should supplicate for the valid receipt for every payment are made.
  • The payments should be released under the name of Youth Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • In case of any discrepancy or discontinuation of the course the fees already paid will not be refunded.
  • Candidates is expected to understand the instructions and guidelines mentioned on the letter equipped to him.
  • The uniform remains the dress code for the complete period of training and will be issued within a week after the candidate joins the campus.
  • Use of Mobile Phone and Laptop is strictly prohibited with exception for Sundays.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the campus and the candidate encountered conducting as such action will be punished severely. If anyone found doing so, strict action will be taken against him.
  • Candidate is required to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of his room. In case of any mutilation the cost of the damage will be recovered from the candidate.
  • The candidate after the completion of the training or after being expelled is not allowed to enter the premises without the prior approval from the campus authorities.
  • The trainee needs to clear the exams conducted during the training sessions, in case of failure he is required to re-appear for the exams post the payment of examination fees.
  • Post the completion of training program student will be placed in Indian Costal or Foreign Vessel as per the eligibility, budget and performance of the student.
  • The charges required to be paid for On board training and placement will be borne by candidate themselves.
  • In case student do not opt of the placement opportunity then academy is not responsible for future placement of the student.
  • Candidate should be aware of the amendments in the rules and regulations.
  • Youth Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. is authorised to take strict steps against the student who are found violating the rules and regulations of the institute.
  • Misbehaviour or mischief will not be tolerated.
  • Youth Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. controls the right to cancel the admission without specifying the reason and is allowed to amend to the rules as per their convenience.